Summer Camp

  • Co-ed camps for children aged 7-16 and 3-day Rookie camp for first-time campers aged 6-8

    Along with traditional camp activities such as campfires, special all-camp events, games, and waterfront activities, Celtic offers specialized instruction in the following areas:


    Taught from our Lake Huron beachfront using CL14 sailboats. Sailors learn wind theory, sail trim and how to skipper a boat. Celtic counsellors accompany sailors to ensure a safe, informative, and fun sailing experience.


    Shallow, sand bottom for the beginner and supervised deep water windsurfing for the advanced surfer. Wide boards and junior sized sails make it easy for new surfers to get up and get moving.


    Celtic’s waterfront is well suited to provide a safe environment for the beginner and challenge for the strong paddler. Kayakers learn paddling technique and emergency procedures.


    Campers are taught paddling technique and the fundamentals of canoe manoeuvring and control along the sandy shore of Lake Huron.


    Campers learn tent assembly, fire building, and trip preparation before heading off camp for an overnight adventure. These skills are further developed on the trip along with teamwork, co-operation, and respect for nature and each other.

    Ropes & Climbing

    Co-operation, communication and trust is the focus as campers participate in climbing the rock walls, traversing the high ropes elements and making their way through the low ropes challenge course at Celtic.


    Safe bow fundamentals are taught at Celtic’s archery range. Campers enjoy individual and team competitions.

    Wilderness Survival

    Campers learn many useful skills such as orienteering, plant identification, fire and shelter building, and primitive tool making. Campers gain confidence while becoming comfortable in a wilderness setting.

    Planet Earth

    Campers discover the natural beauty of Camp Celtic’s forests, lakes and fields while investigating human interactions with the planet. We aim to inspire stewardship via guided nature hikes, wildlife watching, and hands-on lessons in sustainable food production in Celtic’s new greenhouse and eco-garden.


    Focus on fundamentals of individual skills and team play. Drills and games are led by experienced coaches and counsellors. Also offered at an advanced level during session 8.


    Celtic instructors teach novice and intermediate players. Campers develop racket skills and offence and defence strategy.


    Campers develop offensive and defensive skills. Unique drills, mini games, and full matches makes soccer at Celtic a fun and instructive experience.


    A chance for the younger player to start off right. Skills and competition in a great camp atmosphere. Drills and games on turf and beach courts. Also offered at an advanced level during session 8.

    Fine Arts

    Designed to enhance the camper’s creativity. Artists receive instruction in sketching, painting, and sculpting using a variety of media.

    Theatre Arts

    The programme is skill-oriented and designed to increase the awareness and confidence of the camper with respect to drama as an expression of self.

    Camp Crafts

    The arts and craft programme includes nature and leather craft, beading, sculpting, and much more.


    For dancers of all ages and abilities. Fun dance routines are learned and performed by the Celtic dance class.

    Radio Broadcasting

    “Radio Celtic on the air!” Campers learn the basics of radio by broadcasting music, interviews, camp news and podcasts over the airwaves of Celtic’s radio station.

    Summer Camp is offered in Sessions 1 through 7.

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