Leadership Camp

Ages 17 and 18 | Offered in Sessions 2 and 3

Learning by Doing

The Celtic Leadership programme allows participants to both study and develop their leadership skills. Two Leadership Directors, chosen from Celtic’s most senior staff and alumni, work closely with groups of Leaders in Training (LITs). Emphasis is placed on group processes, training, coaching skills, and evaluation of self and process. This is very much a participative camp – LITs will get out of it what they put into it!

LITs take part in traditional camp activities such as camp games, campfires, talent shows, out-tripping, and more. This immersive experience supplemented by daily leadership seminars and workshops guarantee a noticeable increase in self-confidence over the 10-day session. In addition, through identifying their own leadership styles, they learn of their ability to uniquely contribute to group processes through routinely examining and assessing themselves, others, and the group. Skills, attitude, and knowledge learned here can be applied not only at camp but at school, work, in the community and in sports environments as well. Each LIT receives a written evaluation at the close of camp, and in the case of sponsored LITs, a copy is mailed to the sponsoring school or camp

Learning By Doing is a philosophy of this programme.

LIT Programme

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is limited to high school students who are at least 17 years of age during the year of enrolment.

Application Procedure

Please complete the Camp Celtic Registration form or register online. We will also need to receive the following:

If the LIT is sponsored by a school, camp, or other group, a recommendation form identifying the candidate as having good leadership potential must be completed by one of the following people:

  • Teacher or Coach in the case of a school
  • Camp Director in the case of a camp
  • By the appropriate adult in the case of a group

If the LIT is applying directly to Celtic Leadership Training Camp, a self written letter of application outlining the candidate’s interest, achievements, and goals, along with a recommendation form completed by a teacher or coach, must accompany the application


For qualified applicants, acceptance will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

2023 Summer Camp Dates

Session 1 | One Week

Sunday July 2nd - Saturday July 8th

Session 2 | Ten Day

Sunday July 9th - Tuesday July 18th

Rookie Camp | Three Days

Tuesday Jul 18th - Thursday July 20th

Session 3 | Nine Days

Friday July 21st - Saturday July 29th

Session 4 | One Week

Sunday July 30th- Saturday August 5th

Session 5 | One Week

Sunday August 6th- Saturday August 12th

Session 6 | One Week

Sunday August 13th - Saturday August 19th

Session 7 | Sports Camp - Six Days

Sunday August 20th – Friday August 25th

French River Canoe Trip

Thursday August 10th - Saturday August 19th

Leader in Training | Session Two - 10 Days

Sunday July 9th - Tuesday July 18th

Leader in Training | Session Three - 9 Days

Friday July 21st - Saturday July 29th