The Celtic Times – Fall 2016

Camp Takes Green Initiatives For over 30 years Camp Celtic has understood the value and importance of facilitating environmentally friendly activities. It is a common theme in almost everything we do here. Whether its mixed into our games, discussed in classes, or just casually philosophized in the cabins at night time, environmental...

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The Celtic Times – Summer 2016

Come Back to Camp this Summer at a Discounted Rate! A student from your household has recently returned from their school trip to Camp Celtic! We hope their experience was a good and memorable one. You may have heard stories of adventure through the caves and cliffs of the National Park, stories of embarrassing things they had to do if they...

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The Celtic Times – Spring 2016

Sessions and Activities are Quickly Filling Up! Some dates at camp are more popular than others. Registration is closed for some of our sessions, and more popular activities within all of the sessions fill up quicker than others too. To make sure your camper gets the session(s) and activities they want, don’ t leave registration until the...

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The Celtic Times – Winter 2016

Stay and Explore the Bruce after Dropping your Camper off! Parents sometimes don't feel like making the long drive back from camp, and will often ask if there are places to stay around Camp Celtic and the Lion's Head area. There are, but in the Summer months they fill up quite quickly - you often need to reserve space ahead of time. The Bruce...

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The Celtic Times – Fall 2015

Another Great Summer in the Books! With a mix of such sunny, warm weather, great kids, and an outstanding staff, how could this Summer at Camp Celtic not have been a success? As we get deeper into the colder, shorter days of Autumn we can’t help but look back upon the Summer with fond nostalgia. Rookie Camp! One of the highlights included...

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