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    Camp Takes Green Initiatives

    For over 30 years Camp Celtic has understood the value and importance of facilitating environmentally friendly activities. It is a common theme in almost everything we do here. Whether its mixed into our games, discussed in classes, or just casually philosophized in the cabins at night time, environmental stewardship and the ever-increasing need to preserve our natural spaces are messages we want campers to take home.

    “In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.”

    -Baba Dioum (1968)

    To provide this teaching and allow children the opportunity to experience the wonders of our natural world is one of our missions. And what better place to do it than in the heart of an internationally recognized biosphere reserve. Beyond this undercurrent of environmental awareness at camp, we have taken some more objective and intentional initiatives in more recent years. Below is a partial list of these initiatives. With the return of Ryan “Gump” Matheson for the 2017 season, we are happy to add to this list, the improvement and expansion of our gardens and their associated programs!

    • 10 kW solar installment on Dining Hall roof
    • Recycling program in the cabins and facility-wide
    • Food waste management with help from the pigs!
    • Re-naturalization and/or reforestation of open, unused areas.
    • No pesticides or herbicides
    • No motorsports
    Summer 2017 Dates
    Session 1: July 2—8
    Session 2: July 9—18 (LIT option)
    Session 3: July 20—29 (LIT option)
    Session 4: July 30—Aug 5
    Session 5: August 6—8 (Rookie Camp)
    Session 6: August 10—19 (Canoe Trip option)
    Session 7: August 20—26 (V-Ball/B-ball Camp)

    Thinking about being an LIT next Summer? We are changing the Sessions when our Leadership Program is offered from Sessions 2 & 4 to Sessions 2 & 3.

    Remember, popular programs like LIT, Canoe-Tripping and Rookie Camp have limited space. As do classes like archery and out-tripping.
    So sign up early!

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