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    Stay and Explore the Bruce after Dropping your Camper off!

    Parents sometimes don’t feel like making the long drive back from camp, and will often ask if there are places to stay around Camp Celtic and the Lion’s Head area. There are, but in the Summer months they fill up quite quickly – you often need to reserve space ahead of time.
    The Bruce Peninsula is a tourist’s haven offering a wide range of outdoor activities.
    Go see the picturesque Lion’s Head harbour or go for a hike to the lookout that the town was named after. Drive another half hour north to Bruce Peninsula National Park for breathtaking views of Georgian Bay and the famous Grotto. Go for a glass-bottom boat-ride out to Flowerpot Island or rent sea kayaks out of Tobermory. The Bruce is home to wildlife and plants that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet! The list of things to see and do is endless. Whether you just want to stay for a night to break up the drive or stay for the entire week your child is at camp, here are some great local businesses that offer nice and affordable places to stay.

    Throwback Thursdays!
    The Celtic Facebook page now features old photos of campers on ‘Throwback Thursdays’… a fun glimpse into bygone days at Camp.
    While looking through old albums for this feature, feelings of both humility and pride are stirred. Many of the faces in these old pictures, once campers themselves, are now parents of new Celtic campers … Check it out!

    Playing Outside Makes Healthy and Happy Kids!

    Some of the benefits of children being physically active in an outdoor setting are pretty obvious. They get exercise and fresh air, and if they are playing outside, it means they aren’t ‘playing’ inside in front of a screen. However, some of the benefits may be less intuitive, but just as essential to a child’s development.
    With the recent explosion of ADHD, anxiety, depression and Autism diagnoses in children, many recent scientific studies have succeeded in correlating these conditions (along with others) with a lack of time in the outdoors. We do everything outside at camp, and being outside makes happy healthy kids. Happy healthy kids make happy healthy adults.

    Special points of interest:
    • Don’t forget! The Early Bird Deadline is quickly approaching. Register before March 1st to receive a discount!
    • Registration is easier than ever – you can view the registration form online for dates and prices and register online as well at www.campceltic.ca
    Canoe Tripping and LIT sessions are quickly filling up! Just a reminder that these programs for older campers require completed registration forms as well.

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