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  • The Celtic Times – Spring 2015

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    Good-bye Winter, Hello Spring!

    Well, the long cold Winter seems to be finally over, and we couldn’t be more excited! Although there is still some snow in the bush around the cabins, things are getting started here at camp. Our first school group comes on April 28th! We’re all booked up for class trips for May and June but there are still some open Summer Camp sessions. Register your child now, and allow them to have an unforgettable Summer experience.

    As we go into our 32nd year as a family-owned camp, our mission as well as our promise to parents and children remains the same as it always has…

    Whether they are a first time camper, or they’re returning for another year, they are guaranteed to unplug from electronics, make new friends, and gain self -confidence in a safe and caring outdoor environment. We take a holistic approach to create this kind of atmosphere. Our nursing and kitchen staff work hand-in-hand with the directors and counselors to promote an over-all sense of healthy living and respect for oneself, each other and nature.

    Sure Camp is Fun, But it’s Educational Too!

    Some people call it “tricking” kids into learning, but what we really do at camp is keep kids engaged by making learning fun; by making learning cool. We use the forest, the beach and the beaver pond as our classrooms, and although our counselors aren’t all experts with teaching degrees, the atmosphere they foster is one of curiosity and genuine interest in learning. This invites campers to be curious and interested too, helping to make learning a lifelong attitude, instead of something they feel forced to do.

    Special points of interest:
    • If there is a first-time camper in your family or a family you know, there is still space in our 3-day, 2-night Rookie Camp. Only $129!
    • Don’t forget to bring your Celtic necklace back this year to add on your 2015 dogtag.
    • Registration is easier than ever – you can register online at www.campceltic.ca

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