• Director’s Message – Winter 2013

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    Revenue Canada recognizes that childrens’ Camps are important venues for physical activity. That is well and good! It means that your family will probably receive a tax credit for a portion of your camp fees.

    Beyond that little bonus however, is an underlying truth. Camp Celtic (and other OCA camps) have been helping kids define their values, their way of life, and their physical beings for many years. During times when schools, agencies, and other kindred organizations have had ups and downs, Camp has been there…
    I have always said that Camp is special to me because I am a better person when I’m at Camp. I am breathing fresh air, doing new and exciting things, meeting new and interesting people, and pushing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I feel wonder, compassion, and awe in a heightened way. I can be myself. I leave Camp better than when I arrived.

    Over the long haul, we all have decisions to make about how we live. Camp’s influence has always impacted many of my own such decisions.

    So if we now have a tax credit because campers engage in some hours of physical activity at Celtic… fine. But let’s be honest. The hours spent at Camp, physically active or not, have a far greater, and longer lasting value than can be measured by Revenue Canada.

    T.S. Matheson, Director

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