Sports Camp

  • Basketball and Volleyball camps for those aged 13-18

    You will be a better player! By teaching individual skills and team concepts in the focused atmosphere of a residential camp, we ensure that athletes return to their school or club as stronger players.

    These are intensive teaching camps with ability-matched groups to enhance individual skill development and team play. Offense, defense, transition, self-motivation and getting the most from your practice time are all aspects taught at Celtic. Plus! League play and special tournaments.

    These sports take some time to learn to play to your potential. Celtic will give you the tools to make that happen.

    Celtic is a leader in developing top-quality players. The Ontario Volleyball Association has developed criteria to accredit camps that are involved in the instruction of volleyball. This accreditation ensures that the quality of the programme, staff, and facility is of the highest standard. At this time, Celtic is one of only two camps in the province whose programme is approved by the O.V.A.

    Top notch coaches from high schools and universities attend Celtic. Athletes that have experienced the Celtic Sports Camp have gone on to compete for major university and college teams in Canada and the USA. Many others are contributing to their school and club teams with a greater understanding and better perspective about their sport.

    Sports Camp is offered in Session 7 only.

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