• Directors’ Message & What’s New? – Fall 2010

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    The 28th season of Camp Celtic is now officially underway! Your family will have fun choosing dates, picking the most interesting programs, finding out when your camp buddies are going…very exciting!

    We are excited too! We’ve been working hard this fall renovating some of the older cabins, putting camp “to bed” for the winter, and (best of all) planning for next summer. We have expanded our Canoeing options for campers, added Rugby to our sports lineup, and created brand new, vibrant activities called Planet Earth and Wilderness Survival. Celtic’s webpage has also been updated.

    None of these changes, however, will alter what really makes camp, well…camp! The memories that are built at Celtic revolve around the stuff that goes on here… the campfire, all-camp games, the waterfront, and the instructional programs… but those memories are founded on the interactions with the people we meet at camp.

    Whether you are a Counselor, a Camper, a Leader-In-Training, or a senior Staff member, each summer is made rich by the prospect of meeting new people and reuniting with old friends.

    We will all sing, laugh, meet, and say farewell again in just a few short months!


    From us at camp,

    Tim “Lumpy” Matheson
    Kris “Haney” Matheson
    Adam “Bubba” Matheson
    Geoff “Guppy” Yates
    Christine Brown, Registrar
    Scott “Scooter” Matheson
    Ryan “Gump” Matheson
    Jayme “BamBam” Hastings

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